Saturday, May 8, 2010

Liam 2 weeks

A little about Liam's 2 week picture day. He was not happy to be there. I was shocked that we actually got some pictures. He would cry if we didn't have the binky in. So we would pull it out right before she took the shot. Then he would cry, I would calm him down and we would try another pose. The crazy part about it is he is a really calm baby all the time except for that 1 hour. Naughty baby, sure is lucky he is adorable. I am not sure what this says about his personality. I guess he just wanted to show me, who is really in charge.

Sunday, April 11, 2010




and 3rd sight!

He is everyones favorite, they cannot get enough of him. What is absolutely fabulous is how gentle and concerned they all are about him. The girls I knew would be wonderful with him, Jed was my main concern but he thinks it is way cool to have another "boy" in the house. He told us yesterday that it is Mama's baby and Jedi's baby, but not Austyn, McCaden or Dad's baby. He loves to look at his toes and has to take off his socks and touch them because they are "ittle." Austyn is very good with him but when it isn't her turn to hold him she thinks she needs to "pet" his head. And that is what she says "I just want to pet his head because it is so soft." McCaden has already changed his bum, rocked him to sleep several times, and holds him when I am busy with other things. She is very helpful. I love the picture of Austyn and the baby if you look at it you can see they have the same profile. I think Liam looks a lot like Austyn's baby pictures with McCadens coloring dark hair, dark skin, however his eye color has us stumped we can't tell what it will be.

Going Home!

Getting ready to take Baby Liam home.

Austyn got to come and help. She couldn't get enough of him. She helped dress him, put his binky in when it fell out. She is quite the little mother.

The kids made me and the baby a poster.

Proud Papa!

Happy Mama!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Our new baby is Awesome

Happy B-Day to Liam Matthew Feller(we think thats his name). He weighed in at 8 pounds 12 ounces. We are glad we started a week early! He was 21 inches long and he has the chubbiest cheeks I have ever seen. He is a way mellow baby.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Its Time! D-Day has arrived!

We Are Off! Amber and Josh have left for the hospital to have the little baby boy! Pictures soon to come!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Halloween 2009

Cowgirl, Cowboy, and Pocahontas

Austyn loved being a cowgirl, her and Jed were so cute with their Yee Haws, and little guns. This was the first year that Austyn actually ran up to the doors and knocked with McCaden. We have always had to walk her up to the door while she held out her bag from behind our knee.

McCaden was so excited to be Pocahontas because she thinks she looks like her. For some reason she is a very serious Pocahontas in all of the pictures we took of her. They always have a parade for school it is always fun to see the other kids costumes, but a real treat to see your kid having so much fun and looking adorable.

What a handsome cowboy. He made me nervous all night running from house to house in those cute cowboy boots. I thought he was going to fall flat on his face. He also is the opposite of Austyn and occasionally invited himself into others houses. Way to cute to be told no by strangers we eventually had to stay close enough to grab his arm before he entered. He loved halloween that night, but had nightmares for weeks after. Poor kid.

The Whole Gang!

I had to put this picture on to remind me what Jed looked like trying to shoot the gun. It was a little to hard for him so every time his arms would reach up and to the side like this, like it was making it easier to pull the trigger. It was very funny.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Toothless McCaden

McCaden lost both her front teeth the same week in September. It of course was quite an ordeal. They had been lose for months and she wouldn't let us touch them. Sometimes you have to use tough love. After I pulled them out which I do not like doing it gives me the chills she admitted it didn't hurt. I promise the screaming was loud enough for the block to hear.

Now when will they grow back it has been months and they are only half way out. I thought her gap would be gone when her adult teeth started coming in. But apparently she had so much room that even with bigger teeth she still has a gap. We know this is good it just suprised me a little.

I found this while looking for her teeth pictures. Jed is a very good sport when it comes to letting Austyn play house. I think his arms show his secret frustraion, but he can't stand to be left out of anything they play.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

And baby makes 6!

It's a Boy. Baby Feller is due to join us March 27, 2010!

I made it I am announcing baby #4 2 weeks before he is due. This picture was taken a couple weeks ago when I had 6 weeks left. We are thrilled to be having another little boy. All of us but Austyn that is. She did not hide her disappointment and still doesn't. She told us she didn't want another Jed. When we explained that this little brother would be much smaller and would not be big enough to torment her she relented a little. It is like she is hesitantly waiting to see if we are lying. McCaden and Austyn are impatiently awaiting the arrival by taking a chain of paper off a little picture they colored. I feel very blessed that everything has gone smoothly so far and that he is healthy. I can not wait to see what this little guy will look like and what flavor his little spirit will bring to our family. Chocolate, Strawberry, or vanilla.

Josh is so sympathetic and loves me so much he likes to gain a few pounds just to make me feel better, (or maybe he feels left out) I'm not quite sure! But he comments that he is always at his biggest when I am expecting. Sorry honey I am sure it is the late night snacking I can't live without.

Austyn 4th Birthday

Austyn had her first ever friend party, for her fourth birthday. She loved it. The only thing she really wanted was a pinata and cake. She got both of course. In fact she got a couple cakes and then we made cupcakes for school and cupcakes for her and her cousins to decorate which is the last picture. Austyn is just recently starting to enjoy being the center of attention, she usually leaves that to McCaden.

Pinata Time

What I love about Austyn at this age!
I love how your spice has turned mostly to sugar,
I love how you negotiate with such logic it suprises me sometimes,
I love that you still call a kitty, a titty it catches everyone off guard,
I love how honest you are, there is never beating around the bush with you,
I absolutely love your prayers, how you talk with Jesus about everything that happened that day,
I love how you try to help me but "fordit"
I love when your telling me something and you scrunch your nose,
I love, love, love your hugs they are strong and genuine,
I love your red hair, beautiful brown eyes, and the angel kisses across your nose they are absolutley the cutest.
I love you Austy Bosty!

First day of school 2009

Preschool for Austyn

2nd Grade for McCaden